Reasons why Uber has successfully managed to capture the hearts of the people!

Ever since the technological boom happened in the world, don't you think that products and services and the availability of the same have been made so much easier to us? We absolutely believe that the internet has made things really easy to reach at. There is completely no doubt in the fact that, one of the most used services that people really need in today's world is that of easy road communication.

And therefore Uber ever since its launch has made a deep impact on the people. Of course the impact is nothing less than that of positive, but it certainly has managed to attract a lot many people together.  For the people who still does not use Uber, or does not know what advantages it can provide them with, they must be aware of the same immediately. It will certainly help them get through with the best results for themselves.

What are the advantages of Uber?

Following are the various advantages that Uber can offer people with:

  • Easy availability of transport:

This is definitely one of the best changes that Uber worked towards. There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that Uber can offer you easy availability of transport. It certainly make sure that people can ride without any problem at all.

Everybody seems to own a car for themselves ever since Uber has been in a business. This is nonetheless the best available service that people can, therefore, choose to when it comes to transporting from places.

  • Great varieties of cars:

Uber offers their service in a variety of different options. Thinks about people from every place. Things about how much an individual would have loved to pay for their trip, it also assume that how much space Can 6 people in a group need.

Apart from this Uber also ensures that if there are various places to visit then people can be able to do the same with the help of the rental service based on hourly basis. This is definitely the best option for people to choose from.

  • Payment options make things easier:

The variety of payment options available by Uber is also commendable. Did not want to make things uncomfortable for people and therefore they make the use of the Uber wallet, debit and credit cards and also cash.

It completely makes sure that people who are comfortable with their own kind of payment option certainly do not suffer. This is definitely one of the best things about Uber that can be talked about. Nonetheless one must understand that with a variety of different payment options, they can get through with the best results.

  • Safe transport:

Apart from the above-mentioned features over also ensure the safety of the people. This is one of the most important reasons why people can save their location and tracking of the same and send it to the people that the trust the most. It definitely helps them with safe transport.

Also at many places, Uber has collaborated with the local security forces in order to ensure the safety of women travellers as well as men travellers who can be in danger.

  • Everytime availability:

This is the best part about using Uber. You can completely and share of the fact that with the help of the same, you can travel to places any time that you may want for yourself. This is absolutely why you will need the help of the Uber application.

The app also ensures of the fact that it is optimised for the easy use of people. One can also easily delete uber whenever they like because the process is that simple.



PAINT DECK: sand paper or finger nail file can be used to gently scratch the paint. After the paint or picture is removed and the deck is smooth, acrylic paint can be used to create a new picture.

RESHAPE DECK: a finger skateboard can be modified. . This can be done using a heat source. Remove the gripe tape and slightly heat the deck softening the plastic.

You can now use your fingers to reshape board to create higher curves.

PAINT THE TRUCKS: painting the trucks help customize a finger board and makes it stand out. Take apart the trucks on the top and bottom of the board. Sand them lightly.

Paint all the truck parts. . Leave out the portion that is threaded containing the attached wheels. Allow it to dry for some days.

PAINT BOLTS/SCREWS: the screws and small bolts are often not looked at on custom fingerboards.


The small parts can be painted by using a thread to tie them before painting them by dipping into the color you desire.

DYE WHEELS: fabric dyes can be used to dye the wheels that come with tech decks.

The wheels should be left for some time than is necessary to get a stronger color. Ensure that the instructions given by the manufacturer is followed.

CHANGE WHEELS: getting a new wheel is a serious way to show that you are interested in customizing your fingerboard. Get a new color. Mixing wheel colors give it a custom look.

ADD RISERS: the small plastic pieces that sit beneath the bottom of the truck on many plastic finger boards are called risers.

This risers are not common wood fingerboards. Adding risers can can make the pop of the board to increase. This makes the tricks easier.

CHANGE BUSHINGS: trucks usually come bushings with hard plastic that reduces it's control.  PVC bushings that are soft can have different colors.

This gives it a customized look. Mixing the color of bushings and matching it with the wheels gives the deck a unique look.

ADD PIVOT CUPS: pivot cups help to hold the truck together. They are used to connect  the top truck to the bottom truck.

It also seals the gap between the two places. They come in different colors.

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