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Wireless devices are becoming popular today. They have two key advantages over wired devices; they are convenient and flexible. Before you purchase an expensive wireless mouse, there are some important things to consider. A very good advantage of wireless devices such as keyboards, mice and headphones is that there won’t be clutter of wires around the work area. This reduces accidents that may be caused when you trip over a wire. It makes work easier and smoother. It can also increase your productivity.

he main disadvantage of wireless devices is that they are expensive. This is due to their sleek designs and functionality.

wireless mouse for example, gives you a range that is significantly larger than the range of wired ones.

his comes in handy if you have a large monitor and wish to control your computer from afar.

The flexibility offered by a wireless mouse gives it a huge advantage over wired ones. It is easier to move about without worrying whether the cords will get entangled with something. It also enables you to change positions without having to spend time adjusting the cords to suit your new position. The use of infrared technology means that mouse pads are no longer important. There is also no need to clean the crevices of the mouse regularly due to mouse balls and mechanical rollers.

Another good advantage of a wireless mouse is that it means that there is an extra USB port to use. A wired mouse would have taken the space. This leaves an extra space for any device you may need to use on your computer or laptop. Wireless mouse such as the Bluetooth mouse is compatible with many devices. It can work PDAs, mp3 player etc. this means a single wireless Bluetooth mouse can serve different purposes. Thus, it can serve as a universal device.

Wireless mice can be packed easily along with your laptop with ease. This makes it portable. The only thing to worry about is the tiny USB receiver that makes it work. This receiver can be very small depending on the model of the wireless mouse. This make it easy to lose it as you unpack and pack your laptop. It may also get damaged in the process. The portability of a wireless mouse ensures that you don’t have to stick to a desk anytime you want to use your computer. It means you can use your computer from anywhere in the room.

Another thing to consider is that, many wireless mouse operate using batteries. This means the batteries need to be changed every few months. It is also important to know that it may take some time to get used to a wireless mouse. This is because many wireless devices have an on/off switch to help conserve energy. We can say that the wireless mouse has more advantages than the wired ones. The fact that it is more expensive doesn’t overshadow its advantages when you look at the convenience and flexibility it offers.


There have been complaints by ipad owners regarding the wifi on their device. They have problems trying to connect to a wireless network. At times,  they connect but can't stay connected to the network. This has made them not to enjoy their ipads well. Here, I will talk about five ways to fix your ipad wifi connection problems.

The first thing to do when your ipad has wifi issues is to turn it off and turn it on again. Hold down the on/off button,  when the red slider shows, power off by dragging to the right. To put it on,  press the button, Holding it down. Allow some time for the iPad to come up.

You can also reboot the ipad by holding the button at the top. Slide to power down will appear on your screen, slide the button to power down. After a few seconds, you can hold down the button to power it up.

atience is the key here since many people want their ipad to work right away. This usually solve wifi issues. Restarting the router can solve the problem. You must ensure that no one is on the internet before doing that. This is because restarting the router may kick people off the internet.


t has been reported that the way an ipad is being held may affect the ipad’s wifi performance. When you hold the iPad like a book using your hands, it may weaken the wifi signal the ipad is getting. If the ipad has a weak signal, it may disappear.

Many times we are told to reduce the brightness of our ipads to preserve battery life. When you do that and notice your wifi connection isn’t strong, it is speculated that the ipad may interpret the turning down of the brightness of the ipad and make a decision to turn off the wifi.

urning your brightness to the maximum levels may lead to a boost in your wifi signals.

Ipads work better with the WPA or WPA2 protocol for network security. If the WEP protocol is what is available on the wireless modem you are using, it is better to change it to WPA or WPA2.

oS of the router when enabled may affect the way an ipad works. It may weaken the wifi connection of the ipad. The solution to this is to disable the QoS. Many who have done this report a boost in signal strength. A DHCP lease is an issue with ipads. At times, the ipad doesn’t renew its lease but continues using the IP address after the lease expires.

o solve this issue when it happens, power off the ipad and power it on after a few seconds, it will ask for a new lease.

Also ensure that you turn off the wifi before locking your screen. The wifi can be turned off by going to settings to set the wifi switch to off.

his suggestions should help fix your ipad’s connectivity problems. It is advisable to keep current with apple’s ipad software updates.







PAINT DECK: sand paper or finger nail file can be used to gently scratch the paint. After the paint or picture is removed and the deck is smooth, acrylic paint can be used to create a new picture.

RESHAPE DECK: a finger skateboard can be modified. . This can be done using a heat source. Remove the gripe tape and slightly heat the deck softening the plastic.

You can now use your fingers to reshape board to create higher curves.

PAINT THE TRUCKS: painting the trucks help customize a finger board and makes it stand out. Take apart the trucks on the top and bottom of the board. Sand them lightly.

Paint all the truck parts. . Leave out the portion that is threaded containing the attached wheels. Allow it to dry for some days.

PAINT BOLTS/SCREWS: the screws and small bolts are often not looked at on custom fingerboards.


The small parts can be painted by using a thread to tie them before painting them by dipping into the color you desire.

DYE WHEELS: fabric dyes can be used to dye the wheels that come with tech decks.

The wheels should be left for some time than is necessary to get a stronger color. Ensure that the instructions given by the manufacturer is followed.

CHANGE WHEELS: getting a new wheel is a serious way to show that you are interested in customizing your fingerboard. Get a new color. Mixing wheel colors give it a custom look.

ADD RISERS: the small plastic pieces that sit beneath the bottom of the truck on many plastic finger boards are called risers.

This risers are not common wood fingerboards. Adding risers can can make the pop of the board to increase. This makes the tricks easier.

CHANGE BUSHINGS: trucks usually come bushings with hard plastic that reduces it's control.  PVC bushings that are soft can have different colors.

This gives it a customized look. Mixing the color of bushings and matching it with the wheels gives the deck a unique look.

ADD PIVOT CUPS: pivot cups help to hold the truck together. They are used to connect  the top truck to the bottom truck.

It also seals the gap between the two places. They come in different colors.

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